Upcoming Events: 
Past Events:
October 15-18, 2020—Committee member and presenter, The Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Meeting
September 12, 2019—Presenter "Perception is Reality: Exploring the Myth of ‘Dr. Death’ and the Pathologist," American Society for Clinical Pathology, Phoenix Convention Center
March 14, 2019—PBS Digital Studios Nerd Night, Blind Rhino, Washington D.C.
September 6, 2018—Panelist "The Female Vampire as Resistance: Confrontation of Patriarchal Control in Wake Not the Dead," Resistance and Gender, Resistance in the Spirit of Romanticism Conference, University of Colorado
October 18–21, 2018—Panelist, Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Meeting, Arizona State University 
May 26, 2018—"Ideas: The Most Resilient Parasites," Phoenix Comic Fest, Phoenix Convention Center
May 25, 2018—Panelist, "Umbrella Corp Must Offer Good Benefits: Science in Resident Evil," Phoenix Comic Fest, Phoenix Convention Center
May 24, 2018—Panelist, "The Strength to Make a Stand: the Science of Horizon Zero Dawn," Phoenix Comic Fest, Phoenix Convention Center
April 6, 2018—Panelist, "Knowledge Mobilization 101: Sharing Research Findings with Multiple Audiences for Maximum Impact," Social Embeddedness Network Conference, Arizona State University West Campus
March 14, 2018—Panelist, "Transformative Knowledge by Design" Sponsored by the Graduate College at Arizona State University and the Council of Graduate Schools in Washington, D.C.
February 22 and 27, 2018—Guest Lecture, "The Modern Horror Film Genre: Sex and Slasher Films" Arizona State University, FMS 100